share-like-clickIt’s the age-old question of businesses everywhere: What do I put on my business social media?

Posting on our personal pages is easy, right?  Funny selfies, birthday and anniversary greetings, and great news about our kids, to name a few.

But what’s appropriate for your business accounts?

That all depends on your audience.

Every company has a different corporate culture and industry as well as a format where information is best shared. We all know Instagram needs the right image and Tik Tok needs video. However, for many businesses, generating the ideas is harder than determining the right format or even posting itself. After all, businesses can present the right idea as a video, an image, or a full-out blog. Coming up with the idea can be the hard part.

Many studies and statistics exist about what type of content is sure to engage and encourage clickthroughs and shares, but most agree that adding a photo or video to your post will best engage your audience—up to 2.3 times more often, according to Hubspot.  We’ve also learned that too much promotional content can harm your relationship with your followers. Instead, be sure to follow the 80/20 rule, meaning eighty percent of your content is informational, and only twenty percent is promotional. Other visual content, like infographics, will likely be shared three times more than other content. In other words, it pays to “dress up” your posts.

However, statistics aren’t always enough inspiration to tell you WHAT you put on your business social media. We could simply give you a list of ideas (and have!), but we’re also going to help you learn to generate your own ideas that are specifically relevant to your company and industry, by offering a simple acronym to get your creative juices flowing. When you get stuck, just roll the DICE—an acronym I made up to help you remember “categories” of content to help you generate ideas. It stands for DISSEMINATE, INFILTRATE, CREATE, AND ELEVATE.

As you work through the list, you will see that some of the specific ideas are more relevant to your company than others. However, I’m confident the four categories will give enough inspiration to come up with some for your specific social media accounts.


The word disseminate means to spread the word. What information do your customers and prospects need to know about your company and its products and services? In this category, it’s fine to share information about the company itself, but as always, be sure not to get too promotional. Changes in general information about the company are always worth sharing, as is any information that will explain, describe, or clarify information about your products and services.

  1. Post hours of operation or changes in hours of operation.
  2. Post links to new services or service pages on your website.
  3. Post a new website URL.
  4. Post your updated logo.
  5. Post an infographic explaining your process or services.
  6. Share unexpected uses for your products or services.
  7. Post or link to your current advertisement or commercial.
  8. Share customer feedback or input on a product.
  9. Request customer feedback or input on a product.
  10. Comment on a current event in relation to the industry.
  11. Share organizational participation in an upcoming trade show (Don’t forget to include booth number).
  12. Share a photo of the company’s booth and staff at an upcoming trade show.
  13. Share how your organization will attend an upcoming event (fundraiser, service event, etc.). Link to event registration, if appropriate.
  14. Share when your organization or employees complete a training or certification.
  15. Share when your organization or employees are going to participate or complete a training.
  16. Share new laws, codes, regulations or political news that affect customers.
  17. Share a news story of competitor fail and comment what your company does differently.
  18. Share product recall notices of interest to your readers.
  19. Share an article from another source that will help explain an important topic of interest.
  20. Share statistics or a chart your customers would be interested in.
  21. Share an inspirational saying with an image shared from another source.
  22. Summarize or share important information that you received from a seminar or webinar.
  23. Share a presentation you have made through a slideshow or series of posts.
  24. Share new product introductions your customers will appreciate.
  25. Promote special sales events on your products and services.
  26. Promote employment openings with a link to a recruiter site or website career page.
  27. Share links to press releases from your company that have been picked up in the media.
  28. Share a welcome post to new key member(s) of the organization.


“Infiltrate” means infiltrating your organization. It means giving your followers a peek behind the scenes of your organization and sharing what’s happening inside your organization. Some of these ideas are more geared toward the larger organization with an established office space. However, for smaller companies and entrepreneurs, the same concepts can apply, even from a home office, depending on your audience. Here’s some more ideas to answer the question, “What do I post on my business social media?”

  1. Post Home office renovations. (Ex. “So excited about our new conference room!” with photo )
  2. Post a video office tour.
  3. Share a photo of the new equipment. (“Our new 3D printer will make our job so much easier!”
  4. Share photos of merchandise being staged or ready for sale. (“We are set for the sale!” with image of full warehouse)
  5. Share images of awards you may have won that sit on your shelf.
  6. Share a “day in the life” of your organization in a photo collage.
  7. Share a “Throwback Thursday” or “Flashback Friday” of things you’ve posted in the past.
  8. Share past photos of the office or logo in a “Throwback Thursday” or “Flashback Friday” post.


Sometimes the answer to the question, “What should I post on my social media?” is “something you need to create.” Original content is always worth sharing. Remember to tailor the content format to the particular social media outlet, whether that means more descriptive narrative or more images. Here’s a list of some original things you can create for your business to get the attention of your followers.

  1. Hold a contest (Ex., “Name the new mascot”, “best photo with our product”).
  2. Create a reel about your company.
  3. Create a reel about your team.
  4. Link to your latest blog post.
  5. Link to one of your older blog posts that is still relevant.
  6. Create or share a fun cartoon about a subject of interest to your followers.
  7. Create a video answer to an often-asked customer question.
  8. Create your own inspirational sayings with an image you create; add your logo.
  9. Honor a timely or unusual holiday. For example, if you are a restaurant, wish everyone a Happy National Hamburger Day on May 28.
  10. Offer a free ebook or whitepaper on a topic of value to customers.
  11. Post a link to your company newsletter.
  12. Stream live from an event you attend.
  13. Post an interview of someone in the company.
  14. Create and post a testimonial reel with a happy customer.
  15. Create and post a case study of a business triumph .


When we say “elevate,” we mean to lift someone else up. Constantly hawking promotional information about your company will not endear you to your followers. It’s important to show them that you care about others too. Elevate people with thoughtful generosity and gratitude and watch the good vibes manifest in likes and shares!

  1. Honor employees on their birthday (with their photo).
  2. Share office celebrations, special days, or contests (Ex. “Our staff dressed up for Halloween”).
  3. Post employee workplace achievements (Ex. “Employee of the month”).
  4. Post employee industry achievements (Ex. “Jim is now president of the association”).
  5. Post employee personal achievements of interest (Ex. “Sandy won the Boston Marathon”).
  6. Post photos of distinguished visitors to your office.
  7. Share if the organization supports a charity or non-profit (photo of logo in program, on t-shirt, etc.).
  8. Share a staff photo with everyone identified in it and a thank you message for their hard work.
  9. Company sports team? Share the success and photos after big wins.
  10. Share testimonials your customers have given you.
  11. Share photos of a gift your customer sent to you with your thanks.
  12. Share a promotion for a special sale to Facebook friends.
  13. Recommend a tool or technique to help customers use your product or service better.
  14. Give a recommendation (or share one) to a strategic partner, vendor, or product connected with yours.

I’m certain there are hundreds more. What has been your most successful piece of content posted on your business Facebook page? Let me know and I’ll add it to the list! At Big Ideas Writing, we help generate content ideas and ongoing service to keep your accounts fresh. If you would like to learn more, contact us or call 630-605-0169.