Marketing Strategy:
The Plan for Success

An integrated marketing strategy involves the three-prong relationship with between you, your prospects, and customers.

Understanding each audience helps to create the right message and the best strategy to attract the right customer.

At Big Ideas Writing, we help you move each of these groups from your sales funnel into conversion by skillfully employing marketing techniques.
It may take aggressive, ongoing communication or simply a quarterly campaign to keep you top of mind when they’re ripe to purchase. No two companies have the exact same marketing plan. Let’s create one for you that works!

The Corporate Soul Search

Branding gets to the heart of what your company does and more importantly, why you do it. It drives your content and your marketing decisions.

Finding that brand is an exercise in corporate soul-searching that leads to the indescribable joy of self-discovery, followed by the rapture of finding the perfect expression and positioning for your company. These include your company’s vision, values, and mission statement.

We help you find your brand, embrace it and communicate it with content writing, digital marketing and media relations.

The right marketing ushers your prospects down the sales funnel, with plenty of engagement along the way.