When the idea for the anthology series, Today’s Inspired Latina, was conceived, Big Ideas Writing was brought aboard to help bring a vision to fruition. In conjunction with the publisher, Fig Factor Media, Karen Dix is the editor of The Today’s Inspired Latina book series, and the successive Today’s Inspired Leader series.  Each of the 5+ volumes of Today’s Inspired Latina  includes 25-27 dynamic, inspirational stories from Latinas from all over the world who have overcome adversity to reach personal and/or professional success.  

Contributions to the project include:

  • BOOK DEVELOPMENT: Brainstorming book title, creative brief, fulfillment planning, etc.
  • EDITING Author chapter submissions, approximately 25 per each book volume
  • GHOSTWRITING entire chapters for specific authors as well as book teaser, introduction, etc.
  • COACHING WRITERS for books or anthology chapters
  • BOOK MARKETING Help with additional content for the book series such as press releases, biographies, etc.

The book series has been a resounding success, catapulting many of the authors into media appearances, entrepreneurship and further book publications. Authors, once all centered in the United States, are now pouring in from countries around the world to participate in the project, spawning a global movement and the launch of a European version.