Website_ContentI sat down to write a blogpost about the many uses of a website and its versatility as a marketing tool. But I guess with the celebration of Shakespeare’s 450th birthday this year, I was inspired instead to offer you something different: a simple ode to the website that is shorter, to the point, and depending on your sensibilities, much more fun to read.

With apologies to the Bard, and perhaps some readers, I offer my humble ode to the many uses of one’s “website,” or “internet presence”.  If you have a website, don’t hesitate to make the most of it. After all, a website by any other name would function just as beautifully.

Thy website thither upon yon screen

Behold the ways it lives and breathes


‘Twill display thy wares to every buyer  

Products, arts and all for hire; 


But so much more thy site can be

‘Twould host a blog most perfectly;


All thy print ‘twas giv’n by hand

In pdf on site can stand;


Whence thy good fortune makes the news

Thy site’s a merry place for views;


Place thy creations, art or wares,

Admidst thy fair portfolio there; 


Whence thy customers praise thy name

On site could dwell with lack of shame;


Who mark thy site and are impressed

Exchange thy thoughts for an address;

Join merrily in brotherhood

with links to those thou really should; 


So use thy site to best detail

And in pursuits thou wilt not fail!


                                –Karen Dix

                                Big Ideas Writing