Big-Ideas-Writing-How-to-Repurpose-ContentOne of the things I’ve learned well while working in marketing all these years is how to repurpose content. A typical rule of thumb is that every piece of original marketing content should have a least five touchpoints, including the site of the initial distribution. In other words, if the content piece was a blog that posted on the website, it should also be shared four other places. If you follow this simple rule, you’ll never forget to repurpose your content!

If that sounds like a challenge, it often is. Many times companies don’t understand how to repurpose content and aren’t set up with solid communication channels.  Before you think about repurposing your content, you must therefore think about the ways that your organization shares information. This will necessarily vary, depending on what kind of organization you are and how you market your products or services.  However, most companies use some or all of these communication tools to reach their customers. How many does your company use?

  • Website
  • Social Media channels
  • Enewsletter/Eblasts
  • Personal emails
  • Direct mail
  • Print copies
  • Videos
  • Webinars
  • Powerpoints
  • GIFs
  • Advertorials
  • Landing pages
  • Downloadable pdfs
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Affiliations
  • Posters and flyers

 Choosing the Medium

With a list of your company’s communication channels in hand, you can then figure out how to repurpose your content.  Let’s look at a real life example.

I just wrote an ebook for a customer. The piece was directed at shippers of retail goods and explained how they could use their visibility software for more proactive solutions. Our audience was very industry specific and targeted. The piece was initially distributed to a targeted segment of magazine subscribers, then we took a look at how to repurpose content elsewhere. We came up with this list:

  • Magazine mass email (original distribution)
  • Blog on the website
  • Email to prospective customers
  • Social media
  • QR Code to landing page, displayed at upcoming trade show

Think about the content that you have produced. Can you subject it to the “5” touchpoint rule? If not, are there communication channels your organization could use in the future?

Tips on How to Repurpose Content

The how and where of how to repurpose content will depend upon your organization’s resources, priorities, and marketing goals. However, if you decide you’re ready to take the “5 point challenge,” here’s some pointers.

  1. Think about your audience. The first step when you’re trying to figure out how to repurpose content is to consider how your audience consumes information. If they like podcasts, could you present your information on your own or someone else’s podcast? If you have a big mailing list, be sure to share your content with an eblast. Your customer’s preferences should guide the way you repurpose content. 
  1. Think in opposite mediums. Consider presenting the information you have in an OPPOSITE format when deciding how to repurpose content. For example, written pieces can  be recorded and turned into short videos or GIFs. Written information can also be transformed into visual imagery, like an infographic or flow chart. If you begin the process by thinking of the opposite,  you will come up with very creative ideas for how to repurpose content. 
  1. Think in pieces. Perhaps you have a lengthy content piece that is too long and complicated to share as it is. You’re sitting on a goldmine! Think about how to repurpose content by breaking it into pieces. Focus on any visuals you have in the content to create social media posts. Pick out impactful quotes and share them as tweets or other places in social media. Are here any listicles in the piece? Turn them into mini-videos or GIFs to make an even greater impact. When you think about how to repurpose content, think creatively!

So the idea of repurposing content is not a new one but for many marketers, it is an idea that often gets lost in the shuffle of everyday activity. Hopefully I’ve given you a little inspiration on how to repurpose content that you already have, as well as the content you’re sure to produce in the future! If we can be of assistance, don’t hesitate to contact