Part of having a successful business today is communicating with your audiences. For most organizations this means a quality website with valuable content like a blog, case studies or a managed social media presence with effective tweets and posts.  Large organizations may have a dedicated team member to manage these areas but smaller businesses often wonder how they can develop and maintain an affordable “big company” presence without hiring a designated writer.  The answer is…hire a freelance web content writer!  Here are five ways a freelance web content writer can help you achieve your marketing objectives:

 1) Update your outdated website.  Depending on your business, you may update your site once a year or twenty times a day, but the Small Business Administration reports that most businesses are making updates to their sites every two to three months. If you haven’t rewritten your copy since its launch, it’s probably time for a change. A good freelance web content writer can update your information, insert new and improved calls to action and even boost your SEO.

2) Write your blog…regularly. Blogs provide quality content for your visitors, establish your authority and help direct people to your website.  Some companies assign blogposts to their employees, but this takes them away from their primary responsibilities and can even have a negative effect on morale.  Someone in such an organization once revealed her real feelings about her posting duties when she diplomatically corrected herself with the party line by telling me, “We have to post—I mean, we have the opportunity to post something –each month.” A competent content writer can help you brainstorm blog topics, then research and interview you (or your employees) to create quality content for your website. Then, since the freelancer is dedicated to your blog, they will help you post regularly.

3) Research and write case studies. Web content writers are usually gifted storytellers with a fresh, objective viewpoint. It’s one thing for an employee to list the client’s objectives and state how your company fulfilled them but it’s quite another to describe how the absence of your service was making your client miserable until you rode in on a white horse and rocked their world.  Which version do you think would most effectively sell your product?

4) Herald your news. All companies have news of interest to report such as changes in staff and services, relocations and achievements.  If you don’t have anyone responsible for news distribution at your company, hiring a freelancer to do it is an effective, inexpensive way to achieve exposure on the web and in the community.

5) Assist Your Social Media.  In the realm of social media, you get what you give.  Twitter and Facebook only work if you post regularly.  Social media is like an exercise program; once you start you have to keep going to realize results.  If your staff is stretched, a freelancer can post for you on a regular basis and provide valuable suggestions on content.

Is it time for your company to hire a freelance web content writer?  I’m looking forward to writing for you. Contact me today!