We like creating content marketing for moving companies because in my experience, movers are good people. So many of them are family-owned, homegrown entrepreneurs who truly care about what they do and the people they serve. It only makes sense because moving industry folk help us through one of the most stressful periods of life—relocating to someplace new and different! If they weren’t patient, understanding, and reliable…they wouldn’t be in business for long!

We also like to use content marketing for moving companies to put them front and center, showing all the hard work they do. And the right content marketing program can be a very effective tool in a moving company’s arsenal. How? Movers can use content marketing to build their brand, serve their communities, educate their customers, and of course, capture leads. By targeting their content to serve prospects or customers, content becomes a tool to build trust and start or retain relationships.

From a customer’s perspective, choosing a moving company is all about relationship and trust. So content marketing is particularly good at helping build them both in these various ways.

Blogs. Everyone knows about blogs. But they must be done right, and regularly. Shoot for at least once a month and make sure blog topics are of interest to the reader, and as easy to read as possible. They should also include any SEO keywords that you are targeting on the internet. Choose keywords that are as specific as possible, which are called “longtail” keywords to help capture the right prospect.

For example, if you are a residential l mover, your keyword may not just be “residential movers” but residential movers for a certain geographical area, or a specialty service, like residential moving for senior citizens. Also, remember that once the blog is placed on your site, you’re not finished! Make sure you also share your blog across your social media platforms and in your customer communication too!

Create Lead Magnets. Put yourself in the shoes of someone who just found out they need to move. Their heart pounds. Their head spins. And what do they want? Information that will make the process run more smoothly. Soon they will begin calling companies for quotes but first…they’ll go to Google and try to find something they can learn on their own without having to talk to anyone. Here’s where a lead magnet can be helpful.

A lead magnet is a downloadable guide, checklist, or informational content piece that a prospect may want to have. Lead magnets can be a particularly effective part of a content marketing program. It’s something that will help them in the stage they are at in their moving journey, which can be choosing a mover, to packing their belongings, or settling into their new home. If interested, the prospect is sent to a landing page where they provide their email for the downloadable content piece. It’s a win-win. The company gets a prospect and the prospect gets a valuable aid to help them prepare for their next step in the moving journey.

(Image Source: move.org)

Highlight the People. Something wonderful happens when you authentically honor someone. Not only do you make someone else feel good, but you nurture whatever relationship you already have with that individual. Businesses are made up of people and the moving industry is no different. Who are the people that are inside (and outside) your office that keep your business moving? We mean people like your estimators, dispatchers, drivers, and real estate agents or others who regularly refer you to their customers. How can you highlight them through content, either in a blog or on your social media? What words of wisdom can you share from them? What milestones (ex. work anniversaries, achievements, etc.) can you help them celebrate…with content?

Press Releases. Good news won’t spread fast unless you spread it! We love sending out press releases for all types of companies when they win awards, hit milestones, or have something impactful to say about their industry. Moving companies can use content and stories of interest to reach out to local media in local or specific geographic areas. Trade and business media may be interested in a human interest angle, or the longevity or success story of your business. If they choose to share or publish your news, you’ll be rewarded with even more content somewhere other than your site!

Work the Referrals and Rankings. If you have good reviews, share them on your site and on social media! There’s no reason to keep them to yourself. If you are unsure about sharing the author’s name, it’s fine to label the referral generically. Likewise, if you’ve been cited in the “best of” anywhere, or received any kind of award, be sure to make the most of the news. Be sure to share the content on your site, in social media, and any ongoing customer communication you may have.

Involve Employees with Your Social Media Content. Many movers have social media platforms and do a great job with them. However, it’s a lost content marketing opportunity if certain posts are not shared across the company, by the employees. For example, company triumphs, special offers, and community outreach opportunities may be of interest to an audience wider than the company’s followers; they may be of interest to the followers of their employees! Understandably, getting employees to share corporate posts can be a challenge, but companies can creatively encourage employees to share posts with a specific challenge or incentive. Hold a contest or reach out to specific employees with large followings and ask them to share appropriate posts of interest. You never know where it will lead!

These are just a few ways moving companies can use content marketing to “move” their business forward. At Big Ideas Writing, we love movers. Reach out if we can help you with your content marketing at 630-778-6182.