About Karen Dix


(I say that a lot, but every time I say it, I sincerely mean it!)


I’m Karen Dix, a professional copywriter, the founder of Big Ideas Writing and someone who LOVES to write for businesses who need assistance with their communication efforts! I have offered freelance marketing communications since 1996. Every time I sit down to write for a client I strive to offer “inspired communication solutions” for their advertising and marketing needs.

Don’t let the Illinois connection fool you. I’m a cheesehead, born and raised in the Milwaukee area and I graduated with a B.A. in communications from Marquette University before relocating with my family to the Detroit area. Both in Milwaukee and Detroit I gained extensive experience in association communications, as well as agency public relations and advertising serving manufacturing, restaurant, and B2B clients.

When I came to Chicagoland in 1996, I began freelancing for my past employers at their request. I dubbed my biz “Promo Power” and I continued to offer marketing communications and advertising copywriting to my Detroit clients while seeking new ones near home. My love of writing led me into editorial coverage as well, so in 2012 with the launch of this website, I re-branded myself as Big Ideas Writing to better express the scope of my services.

I chose the words “Big Ideas” because I do believe every piece of quality writing begins with a “Big Idea.” For my clients, I want to infuse a creative approach, in line with their company brand, inside every project I do. The special way I do it is the “big idea” that I bring to the table.

I look forward to writing for you!  Request a quote below or call me at 630-778-6182 to discuss your next project!

Karen Dix 

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