freelance-copywriter-thanksgiving-client-appreciationAt Thanksgiving time, we usually reflect on how much we appreciate our family, friends and loved ones in our lives, but as a woman in business, this year I found myself adding my clients to the gratitude pile.  As a service provider of freelance copywriting services, I am truly grateful to the clients in my life who have touched me both personally and professionally.  If you are a service provider with clients, you know what I am talking about. As you perform your service over time, you get to know them on a personal level.  The relationship is one of give and take, and hopefully, a harmonious one.

It’s easy to take clients for granted and never show them how appreciated they are. I’ve been guilty of this. We even have those days when we hit a bump in the road with our clients and the relationship turns sour. In solid relationships however, disputes get resolved and the relationship continues, but at that moment it is easy to lose sight of all they give us besides fair (or sometimes what we perceive to be unfair) payment for our services. 

This Thanksgiving, however, I am looking back at a prosperous year with true gratitude to my clients who have made it happen.  I even was inspired to send some handwritten Thanksgiving cards with notes to them and as I did so, I reflected upon the many ways they have helped shape my life. I discovered my client relationships provide much more than a paycheck.  What, you may ask? Well, there’s the obvious ones…

Referrals. Chances are your client has already referred you to at least one other business whether you know it or not!

Validation.  Your service is good and you know it because your clients pay for it. You are undisputedly a professional!

Portfolio/Resume Growth. Clients give us challenging projects that provide the opportunities to succeed. In other words, they are directly responsible for our bragging rights!

Credibility by Association.  When you are servicing a well-respected client, it reflects well on your own business and your expertise.

But on a deeper level, clients can give you so much morejust as mine have!

 Professional Growth.  Clients offer the opportunity to try something new, learn a new technique, or break new ground in your skill set.

Personal Fulfillment.  I’m happy with my work as a professional freelance copywriter. I’m doing what I love to do and I’m grateful for the clients who allow me to do it!

Mentoring.  Ever learn anything new from a client?  I have. I’ve asked them questions, listened to their seminars and read what they write. Their collective knowledge is impressive!

Participation in your mission. Often, it’s your clients who come to your ribbon cutting, comment on your social media post or invite you to an important networking event. They support you by participating in your mission.

Friendships.  Not always, but sometimes, the business relationship reaches a new level. I have a client that I’ve worked for since the 90s.  At this point, we’re definitely more friends than business associates!

What ways have your clients touched your life?  Thanksgiving is the perfect time to pause and be thankful for them.  And feel free to leave me a comment if there are any other reasons you’re thankful for your clients this Thanksgiving!

Have a beautiful, gratitude-filled Thanksgiving holiday!